Mortal Kombat X Features

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Interview: We chat to senior producer Hans Lo about the next step in the Mortal Kombat series.

Mortal Kombat has been about roughly forever, and surprisingly for a universe in which people’s arms, legs and heads are gleefully detached from their unfortunate bodies at every conceivable opportunity, the roster hasn’t changed all that much since the franchise’s inception. Latest entry Mortal Kombat X, on the way next month, aims to shake that up a little. I spoke to senior producer Hans Lo, to try and find...

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Preview: Let's learn all about human anatomy with the informative Mortal Kombat X.

Ah, Mortal Kombat. The only games series where a kick to the chops is roughly equivalent in power to a gun shot to the face. I jumped into the Mortal Kombat X demo at EGX as something of a newbie, having largely given up on fighting games since the glory days of Tekken 2. Writing that sentence I realise how horribly old I am becoming. Anyway, Mortal Kombat X. It's...

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Preview: We dig into the wonderful silliness that is Mortal Kombat X's Story mode.

For the most part people seemed to enjoy the story mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us, which linked together a series of brutal bouts with cinematic cutscenes and quick-time events. It’s not hugely surprising then to see NetherRealm adopt the same approach for Mortal Kombat X, which takes the series’ overarching storyline 25 years into the future, and introduces a whole new generation of warriors. The...