My Time At Portia Latest Updates

My Time At Portia Flower Carpet - How to Get Flower Carpet?

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Decorating is a good way to take a break from the usual routine. Here's everything we know about getting the flower carpet in My Time at Portia.

My Time At Portia Fruit Tart - How to Get Fruit Tart?

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Adventuring is much better if you grab a bite beforehand. Here's how you can purchase and craft fruit tarts in My Time At Portia.

My Time At Portia Copper Coil - How to Get Copper Coil?

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Here's what we know about how to get copper coil in My Time At Portia and what it can be used for in terms of crafting.

My Time At Portia Sea Urchins - Where to Farm Sea Urchins?

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While you're rebuilding your workshop, you'll be tasked with gathering spines. Here's where to find sea urchins in My Time At Portia.

Developers of My Time At Portia Respond to Claims that Voice Actors Weren't Paid

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Devs have come out to explain what exactly has gone down with the voice actor payments in regard to their work on My Time At Portia.

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