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Natural Selection 2 Latest News

Natural Selection 2 video shows off map remake

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Fans of Unknown Worlds' Aliens-inspired team shooter received a free update today featuring Eclipse, an upgraded version of Natural Selection 1's fan-favourite map.

The developers have released a trailer showing the new map in action, alien wall sphincters and all.

Humble Jumbo Bundle includes Natural Selection 2, Orcs Must Die, Sanctum 2

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The new Humble Bundle has been announced, and this one doesn't have any real theme, just a ton of quality games, many of them with all their DLC attached.

Natural Selection 2 fans crowdsourcing $30k for World Championship

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Panhandling for cash isn't just for video games looking to get made anymore, as fans of Natural Selection 2 are passing the collection plate round for $30,000 to fund a World Championship tournament.

Developer Unknown Worlds is in full support of the idea and already fronting the money for a studio in Cologne, along with a promotion. So far over $1,000 has been raised with 30 days left.

Natural Selection 2 adding female marines

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Unknown Worlds has announced that their online multiplayer shooter Natural Selection 2 won't be a sausage fest anymore as a female marine skin is being added in late August.

Natural Selection 2 gets free Gorgeous DLC

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Developer Unknown Worlds has announced some free downloadable content for Natural Selection 2 called the Gorgeous update.

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