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Natural Selection 2 Features

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Preview: The open source sequel to the hit Half-Life mod is almost here.

The follow-up to the insanely popular Half-Life modification, Natural Selection 2 looks to recreate its predecessor's blend of first person shooting and real-time strategy multiplayer, this time on an original engine. Despite developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment's indie status, NS2 could give big name titles a run for their money in terms...

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Preview: It doesn't matter if you're human or alien, only the fittest will survive when two worlds collide in Natural Selection 2.

Stepping into Natural Selection 2 for the first time, I’m greeted by the voice of a man with a heavy German accent. Barking orders with an air of authority, he carries himself in a way that begets any great leader. His controlling tone may have been immediately apparent, but his commands were incomprehensible to my newborn ears: he may have been talking in English, but for all...