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Otherland gets Halloween content tomorrow

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Otherland developer DRAGO Entertainment has revealed that their MMORPG Otherland, which is currently in Steam Early Access will be getting some new Halloween content tomorrow.

New content update now live for Otherland's early access beta

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Otherland, which had been in development since 2008 before finally getting into Steam Early Access on 15 September 2015, has its first content update called "The 8 Squared Conflict.".

MMO Otherland is coming to Steam Early Access this month after seven years in development

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MMO Otherland, based on the Tad Williams book series of the same name, has been in development since way back in 2008, so it's a wonder the whole damned thing hasn't vapourwared yet.

But no, it's still chugging away, with developer DRAGO Entertainment announcing recently that the game's coming to Steam Early Access on August 26.

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