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It’s not a new type of shooter, but it’s a new standard of excellence.

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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 23 Patch

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The patch notes for the latest Overwatch PTR patch are now live, revealing the addition of replays alongside a number of changes to heroes and modes.

Overwatch League Tokens - How to Earn Free Tokens from Twitch

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With the Overwatch League in full swing, here's how to earn Overwatch League tokens when watching matches on Twitch or other platforms.

Overwatch Horde Mode - Blizzard Says Overwatch Team Focusing On "Other Work in the Franchise"

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In a recent earnings call, Blizzard has reinforced its continued support for Overwatch. Could "other work in the franchise" mean an Overwatch Horde Mode?

Overwatch's Lunar New Year Event Returns Next Week

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New Overwatch Lunar year skins will be revealed on the Overwatch social channels between January 19 and January 24.

Overwatch Event Guide for 2019

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Playing Overwatch competitively, or perhaps looking to jump into the fray just now? Take a gander at a comprehensive list of competitive events that Blizzard have in mind for 2019.

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