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It’s not a new type of shooter, but it’s a new standard of excellence.

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Could Doomfist Finally Make An Appearance? This Overwatch Error Report Suggests So

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The Doomfist debacle never ends for Overwatch fans. For months we were ready to see the giant glove referenced in map props and voice lines turn into a tangible hero that we all still hope will be voiced by Terry Crews. But each time, the leads fail to materialise. But the latest hint could suggest the next in-game event will finally introduce the brute.

Latest Overwatch Balance Patch Buffs McCree And Reaper In Time For Season 5

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Much like an strategy or MOBA title, Overwatch's focus on competitive multiplayer means its constantly growing number of heroes and their various abilities undergo numerous changes basically every other week.

Overwatch Patch Notes - Patch 2.12

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With a year of Overwatch behind us already, it's no surprise we're already in the Patch 2.x series. While they're not all too frequent for the most part, with 24 heroes on the roster, it can be difficult to keep up with every slight change gracing Blizzard's multiplayer shooter.

Numerous Twists And Turns Have Left Overwatch Fans Struggling To Work Out Who Hero 24 Is Going To Be

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Kaplan And The Tease Crew continue to poke and prod Overwatch fans from all available angles as hints about the game's next incoming character continue to be thrown around.

Watch 4 Days Of A-Mei-Zing Overwatch Animation Squeezed Into A 4 Minute Video Montage

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When Jeff Kaplan took to the Overwatch forums on Monday to throw the Doomfist hype off track, he made quick mention of how long it typically takes the team to craft new emotes, highlight intros and poses for each of the game's varied characters.

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