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It’s not a new type of shooter, but it’s a new standard of excellence.

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Overwatch PTR Changes - Junkrat and Mercy Nerfed

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Bringing that balance back to balance.

Hawaii and Belgium Want To Ban Lootboxes

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EA really screwed the pooch this time.

Riding That Blizzcon Hype For As Long As Possible, Overwatch Is Hosting Yet Another Free Weekend

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Blizzcon is a special time of year for anyone who's poured dozens of hours into just about any Blizzard property. An annual celebration of everything they've brought to the industry, it's a time that pulls fans together to reminisce how their favourite titles brought them together. So who can blame Blizzard for riding that buzz as long as possible? They want more players!

Hanzo's Ultimate Was Once A Googly-Eyed Caterpillar According To This Video Tour Of Early Overwatch Builds

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Overwatch was Blizzard's first time making an FPS after years of crafting RPGs and RTS titles - and the occasional platformer. Most of us can agree they did a terrific job with Overwatch, but this year's Blizzcon has shown us just how rough things looked in early development.

Good Smile Announces Two More Overwatch Nendoroids - Hanzo & Genji Are At Each Other's Throat Again

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It wasn't long ago that we applauded Good Smile's decision to craft a new Overwatch figma over the minature Nenderoid lineup they typically push. Before releasing even that, though, they're preparing more nendoroids.

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