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It’s not a new type of shooter, but it’s a new standard of excellence.

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Overwatch Patch Notes - Patch 2.12

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With a year of Overwatch behind us already, it's no surprise we're already in the Patch 2.x series. While they're not all too frequent for the most part, with 24 heroes on the roster, it can be difficult to keep up with every slight change gracing Blizzard's multiplayer shooter.

Numerous Twists And Turns Have Left Overwatch Fans Struggling To Work Out Who Hero 24 Is Going To Be

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Kaplan And The Tease Crew continue to poke and prod Overwatch fans from all available angles as hints about the game's next incoming character continue to be thrown around.

Watch 4 Days Of A-Mei-Zing Overwatch Animation Squeezed Into A 4 Minute Video Montage

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When Jeff Kaplan took to the Overwatch forums on Monday to throw the Doomfist hype off track, he made quick mention of how long it typically takes the team to craft new emotes, highlight intros and poses for each of the game's varied characters.

Blizzard Will Begin Phasing Out Windows XP/Vista By The End Of The Year

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Just like how Square Enix wants people to move away from the limits of a 32-bit operating system, Blizzard wants to phase out relics of the past.

Jeff Kaplan Just Shut Down Those Awaiting The Official Reveal Of Overwatch's 'Doomfist' By Teasing Yet Another Character

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When you take to the forums of a big brand game hoping to squeeze more info out of the developers, you never actually expect it to work. But Jeff Kaplan just arrived to stop the Overwatch hype in its tracks and set it on a new path.

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