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Paragon's Card System Gets An Overhaul Next Month With Over A Dozen Reworks Coming This Year

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Still pushing ahead with their plans to have a blockbuster MOBA contender, Epic Games outlined their plans for Paragon's beta exit.

Paragon Patch Notes - V.38.3

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Being the middle of March, it means we've reached the first year of Epic Games' entry into the MOBA race. Typically known for their hyper violent 'Bro Shooters' like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, Paragon is the team's take on using the newest iteration of their mega-popular Unreal Engine to create a MOBA title that isn't all cartoony visuals and top-down gameplay.

Paragon's Newest Hero 'Shinbi' Releases February 21 - Already Has A Thread Calling For A Redesign

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Getting back into the swing of things, Epic Games are promising to follow with their 2017 pattern of releasing a new Paragon hero in a somewhat timely fashion.

Paragon Gets Cooler Tomorrow Once Aurora Enters The Field

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In just one days time, Epic Games' in-development MOBA title 'Paragon' will get its second new character addition in a single month.

Serath's Heavenly Fury Arrives For All Paragon Players Next Week

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Whether you're ready for it or not, the Paragon meta might just be getting slight shake-up with the sudden reveal of Serath - a new character coming to Epic Game's MOBA title in just a few days.

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