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Patrician III Summary


Patrician III Review

For those of us who haven’t played its predecessor, Patrician III is a game where you take on the role of one of the late middle age’s trade Patricians.

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Patrician IV 'too complex' for console, monitors best for strategy

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Gaming Minds Studios is developing Patrician IV for PC and its one franchise that will seemingly steer clear of those console platforms.

To get its trading simulation empire self on the next-gens they'd have to "simplify the gameplay" first, and it wouldn't play well on non-HD TV.

Kalypso announce Patrician Online, a free-to-play browser game

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Publisher Kalypso Media and online game portal gamigo have unveiled Patrician Online, where fans can play for free through their browser.

It is scheduled to launch next year and is Kalypso's first browser game, with more planned from their "outstanding partnership" with gamigo.

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