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Starbreeze Raided Over "Insider Crimes"

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The irony is very much palpable, yes.

Best Co-Op Games To Enjoy Together

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Multiplayer games don't always have to be competitive. Sometimes taking on challenges alongside a friend or more can provide as much, or even more, fun and entertainment as a competitive multiplayer game. While co-op titles rarely match the overall popularity of their competitive counterparts, the category still counts a number of masterpieces in its ranks.

Starbreeze Seeks Financial Support, Overkill's The Walking Dead Delayed

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Company sells its shares to raise $30 million / £21.1 million in order to fund its projects.

Is Scarface Enough To Revive The Reputation Of Payday 2?

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The micro-transaction controversy may have scared away the growing Payday 2 community, but there's always one sure-fire franchise to claw some back - Scarface.

Starbreeze buy the full rights to the Payday franchise, confirms Payday 3

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Swedish publisher Starbreeze have announced their acquisition of the Payday franchise from 505 Games. This purchase has cost Starbreeze around $30m dollars. In the company’s press release, Starbreeze has also announced the development of Payday 3. The press release does not state any details about Payday 3’s release date or anything the game may contain, but we’ll be looking for any news from Starbreeze over the coming months.

As a result of this acquisition, Starbreeze will not only receive the full rights to the Payday franchise for all future developments and commercialisation, they will also receive full net revenue from Payday 2 on Steam retroactively from May 1st. The console versions of Payday will continue to have the revenue split between Starbreeze and 505 Games, just as the two companies did before the acquisition.

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