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Interview: Me and writer Chet Faliszek put our differences behind us, for science.

It's still a few months away, but the buzz is already growing about Valve's up-coming puzzle action-adventure, Portal 2. At the EA January Showcase, we sat down with writer Chet Faliszek and asked him a few questions about the game. 

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Preview: I think we can put our differences behind us...

The first hands-on session with a game is always the crunch point. Does it match the impression I've formed so far? Is it living up to the hype? Expectations? Regular gamers hit this point whenever they get their hands on a demo, or when the game is released properly - we reviewers may be lucky in the fact that we get to see it much earlier, but there's also a danger in the sense that we...

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Preview: E3 2010: It's been a loooong time. How have you been?

While none of the press – including us – got to actually play Portal 2 at E3, merely seeing the brief demo we did gave us more than enough of an idea of what the game was going to be all about and how the sequel is going to justify being a full-on, disc-based game rather than downloadable or part of a larger compilation.