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Uwe Boll launches Kickstarter for Postal 2 film, asks for $500k

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Film maker Uwe Boll wants to produce a second Postal movie, and has taken to Kickstarter for $500k in pledges. The campaign reads Postal 2 will "finally destroy the film industry" - which might actually happen.

There's something of a love/hate - mostly hate - relationship between gamers and Uwe Boll. He's no stranger to dragging game IP kicking and screaming onto the film set.

E3 2011: Postal III 'Grindhouse' trailer

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Running With Scissors has released a new trailer for their game Postal III, going with the grindhouse film movie trailer motif.

Postal 3 "in the final stages"

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Running With Scissors' Vince Desi has calmed fears that over-the-top violence is dead, saying that Postal 3 has entered it's most "final stages".

It's unlikely to be "out this Christmas," but the team is hard at work as the game nears completion in Moscow. They hope for a Q1 2011 window.

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