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Twitter for Ubisoft employee pulled following Prince of Persia tease

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Engineer Drew James from Ubisoft Reflections posted a picture with Prince of Persia's various incarnations through the gaming ages, with the fifth slot reserved with a teasing question mark.

He asked what was next for the series, but his twitter feed has since disappeared. Other twitter accounts were copied in, including Jade Raymond. Ubisoft is leaking serious sand.

Report: Ubisoft developing 2D Prince of Persia using UbiArt Framework engine

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According to a report, Ubisoft is developing a 2D-based Prince of Persia using the same engine as the recent Rayman games. Ubisoft's RPG Child of Light also uses the UbiArt Framework engine.

They'll be using the "same techniques of animation" with the Prince's body having parts independently animated, much like Rayman. This is to give him 'real diversity' in postures and movement.

PS3 Essentials released on PSN

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Sony has announced that the PS3 Essentials are now available for digital distribution on PlayStation Network.

US PlayStation Store update

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It's Spring Fever 2011 time for the PlayStation Store as the US PSN gets its weekly update. Crysis 2 multiplayer demo anyone? What about Mortal Kombat?

Parasite Eve joins PSone Classics, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gets Jill and Shuma Gorath DLC, and Ubisoft's Prince of Persia is now a full downloadable title.

Ubisoft's Prince of Persia Trilogy HD on disc, PlayStation Store

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The Prince of Persia Trilogy HD is exclusively releasing in Europe on Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation 3, but the individual titles will be on PSN also.

The Sands of Time, Two Thrones, and Warrior Within will be downloadable via the PlayStation Store. HD remakes of Splinter Cell in the works.

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