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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

A bit like English football; terrific at home, a humiliating struggle when you try to go abroad.

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Four new teams and over 70 player faces in PES 2015's second free Data Pack

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Konami will be releasing Data Pack 2 for PES 2015 for free, and it will be adding four new teams to choose from as well as 73 new player faces. There's also four new stadiums, but only for console.

The free content update will be going live tomorrow, December 16th. Event Competitions now feature in myClub to provide a new way to earn points, and are only open for limited periods.

Konami reveals PC specifications for Pro Evolution 2015

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Lots of required PC specs coming out in time for the Winter cascade of big-name titles, the latest of which are for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

You won't need all that much juice to run this one - that's of the benefits of smudging together current-gen and last-gen versions for the PC, I suppose. (*Dramatic Sigh*)

FIFA is "more like ping pong", says Pro Evolution producer

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Pro Evolution Soccer assistant producer Klaus Garner has kicked off this year's football game PR war by saying that rival game FIFA is "like ping-pong". Fight, fight!

He added; "FIFA is all about scoring goals, they want to get you to that moment," suggesting that PES has a more varied, realistic game.

PES 2015 on PC will be a "hybrid" of next-gen and last-gen

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Konami has been talking some more about the PC version of PES 2015, and what they're saying might not entirely reassure PC gamers.

PES European brand manager Adam Bhatti posted the following on Twitter: “PC users: same modes and gameplay as PS4/Xbox One. Better visuals than PS3/X360. A hybrid really. Focus was accessibility and quality."

Konami respond to PES 2015 microtransaction concerns

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Konami has responded to the rather lukewarm reception of their recently announced plans for micro-transactions in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, claiming that those who don't want to pay extra can enjoy the game regardless.

"Some people have more time, some people have more money. Some people have a bit of each! Either way, you'll have the choice," said Konami Europe's studio head James Cox in a recent interview with IGN.

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