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Project Phoenix delayed til 2018, backers demand refunds

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Gamers who backed the Kickstarter for Project Phoenix by Japan-based developer CIA, Inc. are outraged at a new update that informed them that the game which achieved its crowdfunding goal back in 2013 will not be seeing the light of day until 2018.

Project Phoenix pledge tiers revealed for Paypal

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Strategy RPG Project Phoenix has already earned a ridiculous amount of funding from Kickstarter (over $1million from a $100k goal), but now Creative Intelligence Arts has opened up a tiered Paypal pledge system with a variety of awards, meaning potential backers can still donate.

JRPG Project Phoenix with 7 days left on Kickstarter, passes $700k in pledges

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Japanese indie RPG Project Phoenix is well on its way with just one week left. It has cleared its goal by 700% funding at this stage and recently achieved its $650k stretch goal. German localization has been added.

The team will now develop cities of greater detail in Project Phoenix, and allow customisable characters. Game director Hiroaki Yura has explained combat's tactical features.

JRPG-inspired Project Phoenix Kickstarter clears $500k first week, 22 days to go

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Project Phoenix has taken the Kickstarter community by storm having achieved its initial $100k funding goal day one, to then go on and accumulate half a million within its first week. It's Japan's first Kickstarter too.

It's in the works by indie Creative Intelligence Arts, led by veteran devs all over the world. The first stretch goal 'doubled' the monster count for this squad-based JRPG.

Japanese RPG Project Phoenix at $370k on Kickstarter, involves "AAA talent"

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A squad-based RTS JRPG by the name of Project Phoenix has stormed Kickstarter and is taking no prisoners as it's already cleared the $100k goal. In fact almost 6,000 backers have pledged over $370k.

They're Kickstarter's "FIRST Japan-based video game" with Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu attached. It's for a worldwide audience, and not just Japanese gamers.