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It’s a well-presented and entirely solid racer that provides the player with a number of different driving styles to switch between.

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Racedriver: GRID Is Codemasters' Gift To You This Christmas

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If the chilly winds of Forza Horizon 3's snowy mountain DLC just isn't quite cutting it for you, Codemasters have your back. They're giving away Racedriver: GRID as their little Christmas present to the masses.

GRID 2 ambitions "outstripped" hardware, can now "do that vision justice"

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Codemasters had immediate plans for a sequel to GRID, but senior games designer Ross Gowing admits their ambitions surpassed what they could accomplish with the hardware at the time.

Five years of platform know-how and improvements to the EGO engine mean GRID 2 can become a reality. Game features must be "absolutely first class" or they're not worth pursuing.

Codemasters to reveal GRID 2 August 8th

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A teaser trailer for racing series GRID has gone up from Codemasters which promises a reveal will be forthcoming this August 8th. The number '2' features at the end of the clip.

It was reported as rumour by OXM UK that Codemasters' GRID team was "actively working on GRID 2" and that it's bound for sometime after F1 2012 releases, which is in September.

Rumor: GRID 2 in development

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Codemaster's popular Race Driver: GRID launched in 2008, and received praise from reviewers and gamers. Now, OXM is rumormongering that a sequel GRID 2 will be coming this year.

Race Driver: GRID back online for PC

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GameRanger has rescued Race Driver: GRID - known as just GRID in North America - from online oblivion after the game had been stricken from official servers a few days ago. The PC online gaming service will now host the game for those players still enjoying the racer.

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