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The Best Indie Games on PC

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Sometimes, small indie teams produce the most engaging gameplay, the most captivating stories. Here are The Best Indie Games on PC you can play today.

New RimWorld update adds drugs and tutorials

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Stay in school and don’t do drugs were the central messages my childhood instilled in me. But what if you could learn and do drugs at the same time? This is the bold new world afforded to us by Rimworld’s Alpha 15 update, which adds both narcotics and tutorials to sci-fi frontier simulator.

Wave of fraudulent purchases force indie dev to stop offering Steam keys

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RimWorld is a promising sci-fi colony sim that recently hit Steam Early Access. Taking inspiration from sources like Dwarf Fortress, Dune, and Firefly, building a massive simulation system around life on the frontiers of space. Its 1,000+ are currently overwhelmingly positive, so it seems that developer Ludeon Studios has a hit on its hands. Unfortunately, it seems that a rash of fraudulent purchases are casting a shadow on the game’s launch.

RimWorld gains "clever new AI strategies" with Alpha 11, new sapper and traps mechanics, new 'snowman joy activity'

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Life on the frontier in Tynan Sylvester's RimWorld has just got harder, and a little bit easier. Alpha 11 has armed both the AI and player with new strategies to deal with pesky raiders and other unwelcome guests.

Sappers can now sabotage defences by digging tunnels and using explosives to blast holes. Crops are also vulnerable to being set on fire by raiders, but players can now use traps to even the odds.

RimWorld's Alpha 10 released, colony management now featuring joy

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Yes, joy can now be had - even demanded - in the latest Alpha release for RimWorld. Colonists now seek out ways to entertain themselves and will take up skygazing, meditating, horseshoe tossing and TV watching.

Repeat one activity too much and a tolerance builds up, so it's ideal to provide a "variety of joy sources." I think perhaps describing something as your 'joy source' doesn't happen nearly enough, daily.

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