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Rogue Trooper Summary


Rogue Trooper Review

Fighting to save the planet you live in is such a heroic act from soldiers who put their own lives on the line.

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Rogue Trooper Redux Sets Its Sights On October 17 With Its New '101' Gameplay Trailer

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Considered to be one of the first cover-based third-person shooters, Rogue Trooper Redux is set to release across a wide range of platforms in just a couple of weeks. The lastest '101' trailer should help get you in the mood.

Rebellion offer 7 Reasons to revisit Nu-Earth in Rogue Trooper Redux

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New trailer shows 7 Reasons to Revisit Nu-Earth for the 2000AD game's release on October 17.

Rogue Looks Much More Blue In This Rogue Trooper Redux Comparison Trailer, Release Date Set For October

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We live in a world of remasters. The last console generation ushered in remakes and reworkings of games that sat comfortably on the machines that preceded them. Now, with a new generation in full swing, games of the last generation are being remade for the current.

Catch A Glimpse Of The New Rogue In This Rogue Trooper Redux Character Spotlight

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With Rebellion opening up the 2000AD license, it looks like things are already starting to pay off. Before an inevitable slew of other comic-based games show up, we're getting a remaster of the 2006 Rogue Trooper to tide us over.

Rebellion Set To Re-Introduce A Classic With Rogue Trooper Redux

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Certainly not lying when they announced a few new projects in the works, Rebellion chose last night's Nintendo Direct to announce Rogue Trooper Redux - but it's coming to just about every home platform under the sun.

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