Rune 2 Latest Updates

Rune 2 will have CO-OP and PvP at launch thanks to Epic Store Exclusivity

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The follow-up to the 20-year-old cult classic Rune is going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive, and the developers explained why that is the case in a recent interview.

Human Head reveals new information about Rune 2

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Developer Human Head has revealed more plans for the sequel to their third-person Unreal engine brawler Rune. According to co-founder Ted Halsted, the sequel will modernize the combat system and stress multiplayer more.

Rumor: Rune sequel teased by Human Head

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Human Head was allegedly forced to cancel their ambitious Prey 2, which would have set the game in a Blade Runner-ish alien space station. However, they've now started teasing the development of a sequel to their 2000 third person action title Rune. The developer at the time was a part of the infamous Gathering of Developers.