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Sengoku Features

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Preview: We take a first look at Paradox's latest hardcore strategy title...

I'm sure I wasn't alone in showing some surprise when Paradox announced Sengoku, their latest hardcore strategy title from their internal studio. Whilst a game based in feudal Japan using the same model as in Crusader Kings actually makes perfect sense if you think about it, we already have Crusader Kings II on the way, so it was a bit odd that the company would...

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Preview: We go hands on with Sengoku...

Patience is not something that really comes naturally to gamers these days. In a world filled with Dudebro shooters and 'Hollywoodised' RPGs, it's all about the fast paced "immersive" action. Even in the strategy genre, action often takes precedence over planning, and it takes a certain kind of gamer to be able to sit there and play... by doing nothing. Sengoku, Paradox's latest...