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Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic sinks under the weight of its own overly demanding engine. (PC)

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Ubisoft's Uplay blasted as 'rootkit', installs 'unsecure' browser plug-in [UPDATE]

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Some coding enthusiasts have discovered a little something in Ubisoft's Uplay platform for PC leading others to blast it as a 'rootkit'. It stealthly installs a browser plug-in which isn't secure.

The plugin granted its discoverer "unexpectedly (at least to me) wide access" to websites. It's a rather embarrassing hiccup if true.

UPDATE: Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson, director of the security research firm, has said it's "not a malicious root, just really bad code." It's "a huge risk" .

Ubisoft's PC 'always-on' DRM sees a "clear reduction in piracy"

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Publisher Ubisoft is proud of their PC DRM with its persistent online connection demands as they've seen a "clear reduction in piracy of our titles", they note.

From that point of view it "is a success". Ubisoft has been using this system since Settlers 7, which then saw it expand to all Ubi PC titles released afterward.

Ubisoft has scaled back their 'always on' PC DRM for select titles

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In a surprising and very quiet move, publisher Ubisoft has turned down their controversial DRM demands for at least two of their recent PC titles.

Until now the system required a constant internet connection or gameplay stopped. Two of their titles now only check for the internet at launch.

Namco: "No alternative" means Ubisoft's PC DRM "a good strategy"

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Olivier Comte of Namco Bandai has praised Ubisoft's highly controversial PC DRM as "a good strategy" in the wake of no real alternative in place.

Admits it is "certainly not" the best method by demanding always-on Internet, but argues it's "better to do something" than nothing. Namco must decide.

Ubi DRM only limits consumers "that actually PAY for their games"

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Just Cause 2 developer Avalanche Studios is no friend to "ridiculous DRM" affirms studio boss Christofer Sundberg. Customers suffer, not pirates.

Piracy has "scared the market" into DRM like Ubisoft's 'always-on' system. PC titles should be "treated as separate projects" to deliver equal quality.

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