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Silent Hunter 5 Reviews


Silent Hunter 5 Review

Silent Hunter 5: Battle for the Atlantic sinks under the weight of its own overly demanding engine. (PC)

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Scaled down to what? · by paelleon ·

What is this game? What is compared to SH3? It goes from 1939 to 1943 and only offer command of Type VII submarines. Why? To greedly try to sell an expansion pack in the near future, just like Empire & Napoleon TW? Are the sofware houses so stupid? To limit a game in order to sqeeze more money out of the public with an useless expansion pack that could be avoided will only encourage piracy. It is also much more simpler than SH3, sacrificing simulation to playability. hardcore sim players may be a niche, but is this a sub simulation or what? I appreciated the crew managment, the only innovation here.
Graphic is irrelevant (even if water effects on the periscope lens are stunning). Do not buy it, SH3 is much better.

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