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Skyforge Gets New Outlaw Class

article image have today announced the release of the new Outlaw Class in MMORPG Skyforge. Skyforge is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a universe where mortals and immortals use cutting edge technology to fight for survival against mythical creatures and invaders from space.

Master New Combat Mechanics in the Skyforge: Ascension Expansion

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Through a year of player feedback developers of Skyforge, Allods Team, have made it possible to fight the enemies of the world with their own limbs.

Launching on October 19th Skyforge: Ascension brings a slew of combat changes to the action-oriented MMO allowing for players to grab the weapons dropped by their enemies to use against those still putting up a fight. Dismembered enemies can have their appendages re-purposed as additional ways to beat up the allies coming to seek out revenge. Kiting and dodging has also been tweaked to make battles a little more tactical in execution.

Crucible of the Gods update for MMO Skyforge lets you turn into an actual god

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Crucible of the Gods, the first major update for Allods Team and Obsidian's MMORPG Skyforge has dropped, adding a bunch of new features including the ability to turn into a god. Which slightly trumps what you usually find in a new patch.

“Your Divine Form tips the balance of power in your favor – regular immortals won’t last long in a fight against a god,” says the developer, wisely. “Player's in their God Form are supposed to feel over powered and unstoppable, but you can't always count on being the only god in a battle.”

Free-to-play sci-fi MMO Skyforge enters Open Beta July 16th, new gameplay trailer released

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Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team have dated the Open Beta for upcoming sci-fi MMO Skyforge. Those who fork out for a Founder’s Pack will get into the game a week earlier on July 9th, so the rest must wait until July 16th.

A new gameplay trailer teases the free-to-play MMO, which has us striking out to achieved 'Godhood' and to build our own Pantheons. Register an account with Skyforge to get ready for Open Beta.

MMO Skyforge in open beta this summer, new cinematic trailer released

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Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment's MMORPG Skyforge has just received a new cinematic trailer to mark the open beta that begins this summer, in both North America and Europe.

Ever fancied yourself a living god with an army of sycophants to do your bidding? In Skyforge you do just that, while trying to expand your divine reach. We can change character class at any time.

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