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Sniper Elite Summary


Sniper Elite Review

Above all else, Sniper Elite is only for the patient gamer.

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Sniper Elite passes ten million sales worldwide

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It turns out that people just can't get enough slow-motion replays of rifle rounds entering spleens - Rebellion has announced that its Sniper Elite series has surpassed 10 million sales worldwide.

CEO Jason Kingsley announces the news in the video below, and thanks fans for their support. It's also the Sniper Elite series' 10th anniversary, and the studio is planning a month's worth of celebrations. What form this will take isn't yet clear. begins 'March Gaming Medley' with 70% off until March 11th

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A fresh weekend promotion is underway at as they commence the March Gaming Medley, and it starts with a selection from the ye olde PC catalogue, like Stronghold HD and Empire Earth.

There's BloodRayne, Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945, Moonbase Commander, Ground Control, Evil Genius... and others in the current rotation, which changes every few hours.

Sniper Elite loses multiplayer servers, "Rebellion not consulted" over decision

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Developer Rebellion confirms that Sniper Elite's mulitplayer servers through Gamespy are no longer running, but not by a decision reached themselves. GLU Mobile pulled the plug 'without consultation'.

The studio had been paying the third-party so Sniper Elite fans could "play online for free," which they've been doing for the past seven years. GLU have targetted other older titles too, like SWAT 4.

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