Space Engineers Latest Updates

Space Engineers Receives a Major Multiplayer Overhaul

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Space Engineers' next update focuses on revamping the game's multiplayer functionality, as well as improving upon virtually everything else.

Latest Space Engineers update brings entire planets and moons

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Keen Software founder Marek Rosa has announced the new update that brings entire planets and moons is now available for the space exploration and exploitation game Space Engineers.

The planets are not procedurally generated - rather, they're hand-crafted by the development team. According to Rosa, "planets and moons are persistent & fully destructible - anything you build or destroy will stay there forever. You can even dig through the planet if you want!"

Space Engineers dev celebrates new update with space to Earth free fall

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Space Engineers is a tremendously popular sandbox game about interstellar construction and exploration. Soon, the game will see an update that will bring the addition of planets to the game and in honor of the update, the game's developer, Keen Software House, posted a video featuring an in-game free fall from a space station to Earth.

Space Engineers celebrates 2 year Steam Early Access anniversary with over 1.6M units sold to date

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Two years after its launch on Steam Early Access, indie developer Keen Software House's space colony sim Space Engineers has sold over 1,6 million copies.

Developers offer open access to Space Engineers' full source code

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Indie developer Keen Software House has decided to open the source code for its voxel-based construction game Space Engineers to the public, in an attempt to make things easier for the modding community.

In addition, the team is putting aside $100,000 to fund modders who want to build total conversion mods based on the game's engine.

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