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All The PC News and Trailers from the PlayStation Live Event at Paris Games Week

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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris first look! Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero and End of Zoe get a release date! Guacamelee 2! Spelunky 2! Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis! Monster Hunter World!

Spelunky player sets a new world record

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It's been a good couple of weeks for record-breaking game runs. Spelunky player YamaYamaDingDong has set a new world record final score of $3,109,850, in a run timed at four hours and 45 minutes.

Steam version of Spelunky getting daily challenge

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The Steam and GoG.com version of Spelunky, which is based on the Xbox Live Arcade version of the original Flash game, will be getting a daily challenge.

HD enhanced Spelunky on PC August 8th

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The re-release of Spelunky with all-new graphics and enemies to best will be out August 8th, announces the official Tumblr. It'll be available via Steam as well as GOG.com for that DRM-free experience.

Spelunky originally released in 2009 with an improved version hitting Xbox Live Arcade years later. The indie action-adventure is also due for PS3 and Vita this month.

Spelunky coming to digital distribution on PC this Summer

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Already a free-to-play Flash game, Spelunky will be released this Summer on Steam and other digital distribution services. The probable advantages to getting a release version are user-created levels.

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