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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

Sam Fisher’s back in black (list).

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Alien, Metal Gear, Superman - Game Awards 2018 Reveals We Expect To See

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The Game Awards 2018 is next week, so here are all the Game Awards announcements of new games we expect to see! Including Alien Blackout, a new Call of Juarez, Metal Gear remakes, Dragon Age 4, and maybe even the Rocksteady Superman game!

New Splinter Cell Being Revealed at Game Awards?

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Is a new Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft being revealed at the Game Awards this week? That's what this tease seems to suggest.

Rumors suggest Michael Ironside is returning for a new Splinter Cell

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While Splinter Cell has had a rough patch, it’s still one of the premier stealth-action franchises out there. I enjoyed the series’ action oriented move with Conviction, but Blacklist failed to move the needle for Ubisoft. While there are certainly other factors at play, one of Blacklist’s big disappointments was the lack of Michael Ironside providing Sam Fisher’s iconic voice.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist director joins WB Games Montreal as 'Creative Director'

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Ubisoft loses Splinter Cell: Blacklist director Patrick Redding, who was also the narrative designer for Far Cry 2, as he leaves to join WB Games Montreal - the creator of Batman: Arkham Origins.

No project has been announced yet with Redding attached. Arkham Origins was the studio's first title since forming in 2010. Over 100 new jobs will be added to the studio.

Ubisoft: Frustration in games is "something to avoid," unless it teaches through failure

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Ubisoft's game designer James Everett has talked about the development of Splinter Cell: Blacklist and how it was important to take "nothing away" at the root level of the franchise.

Finally, fans could start worrying about leaving bodies lying out in the open again - it mattered. How else to make Sam Fisher vulnerable? Heavy infantry to discourage gun running.

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