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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

Starkiller, across the universe.

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GameWatcher's Star Wars Marathon live streaming this Friday at 8.00pm GMT

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At the end of the week we'll be geeking out with our very own Star Wars Marathon for your viewing pleasure. Chris Capel will be feeling the Force... of your votes! Every good Imperial citizen and even Rebel scum are welcome at the polls.

Thanks to the recent launch of many Star Wars classics, a marathon is finally within our grasp. Will the Empire rule in Empire at War? Will Carth ever shut up in Knights of the Old Republic?

Recent 'Star Wars: Identities' registration "not a video game," confirms LucasArts

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Lucasfilm was caught red handed registering domains for something called 'Star Wars: Identities', leading some to speculate that this could be their upcoming RPG game.

A job post for LucasArts spilled the beans earlier this year that they're making an open world RPG. However 'Identities' is "not a video game," says the company. Something for TV?

Xbox Live Marketplace calendar, September 20th to October 3rd

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Releasing today for Xbox Live Arcade is Burnout Crash! and Rotastic for 800 MSP a piece, while Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road launched yesterday.

As did the NBA 2K12 demo for Xbox 360. Resident Evil 4 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 join Games on Demand, as will Crysis 2 Sept. 27th.

Cancelled "next-gen Star Wars title" was cause of Red Fly cuts?

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Former environment artist Patrick Doran of Nintendo Wii developer Red Fly Studio mentions a "next-gen Star Wars title" was in the works but it ended.

Earlier this month the studio made redundant 30 staff, which CEO Dan Borth said was due to a "large high-profile project" getting canned, to their surprise.

LucasArts should be "making games that define our medium"

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Paul Meegan, current boss of LucasArts, admits they've not be doing the best they can when it comes to videogames, and he vows that will change in the future.

E3 2011 will play host to Star Wars Kinect and BioWare's MMO The Old Republic. LucasArts has "tremendous potential," with "beloved and powerful brands".

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