StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Features

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Interview: We let Blizzard have one last word as their latest title hits the shelves.

So it's here, it's out, and no doubt you're all carving your way through hordes of zerglings right now as you enjoy Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. As you know the new service, and as a result the servers for Starcraft II, when live at 12 AM on Tuesday. Several hours before that though, Strategy Informer had the immense privilege to sit down with Michael...

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Preview: Liberty is finally within our reach, but only she holds the key to salvation.

So this is it eh? The final furlong, the last hurdle, the golden mile... after roughly seven years of development and Too Human levels of hype, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is finally within our sights. Heralded by the god-like voice of Blizzard Co-Founder Frank Pierce asking "Anything you want to add to that Bob?", this July will see the classic sci-fi franchise...