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Stormrise Latest News

Starbreeze debut new co-op shooter Storm

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In a quiet update to its website last week, developer Starbreeze debuted a new co-op shooter know as Storm.

SEGA: Stormrise dev has "new standards"

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SEGA Vice-President of Production Gary Dunn has assured that there are now "new standards" in place at the developer who made strategy-console game Stormrise.

"Suffice to say since Stormrise's completion, the studio down under has been heavily invested in, entirely new leadership team from the likes of EA, Ubisoft..."

Total War console interface "actually solved" but 'would it sell?'

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Developer Creative Assembly still has ideas for the Total War franchise getting to consoles, at least in their periphery. The control scheme is 'already done'.

It's actually a matter of would it "sell on console?" It's RTS with a love of history and deeply rooted to PC. They're "looking at everything" for the future.