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Strategic Command: European Theater Latest Downloads

Patch 1.07 to 1.07a

  • [Patch]
  • Posted over 8 years ago
  • 143 KB
  • 1 download

The 1.07a incremental patch for Strategic Command: European Theater. This is a simple hotfix for Vista users only.

Patch 1.07

  • [Patch]
  • Posted almost 14 years ago
  • 3.42 MB
  • 1 download

The new version contains bug fixes and a number of improvements requested by gamers.

Strategic Command: European Theater Demo

  • [Demo]
  • Posted almost 14 years ago
  • 33.7 MB

Strategic Command - European Theater is WWII Grand Strategy at its best. As the supreme commander of the Axis or Allied forces, the player shapes the fates of the nations at war during the Second World War in Europe.