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Sunset Overdrive Rated for PC by ESRB

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The colourful third-person whack-a-mutant is set to make its appearance on PC sometime in the future.

Sunset Overdrive PC Release Coming?

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There's good evidence to suggest that Sunset Overdrive - originally released in 2014 as an Xbox One exclusive - could be in development for the PC.

Xbox Exclusive 'Sunset Overdrive' Will Grind Over to Windows 10 If Microsoft Asks

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The PC is an open platform. Anyone can make games for it in any shape, size of flavor. So hearing Phil Spencer reiterate on how the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative - which allows all upcoming first-party Xbox titles play on a Windows 10-based PC - is open to whether or not the games 'fit' is a little confusing when it comes to question whether we'll ever see Sunset Overdrive make the trip.

Though the initiative was only put into place long after the release of Insomniac's colourful shooter, a reply to a tweet from a fan asking is it'll ever happen was met with Insomniac seeming entirely happy to comply should the higher-ups at Microsoft make the call.