System Shock 3 Summary

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PC Game Predictions for 2019

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All the PC game predictions for 2019, including Batman, Total War Warhammer 3, The Avengers Project, Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, System Shock 3 and more!

Starbreeze Signs On To Publish System Shock 3 In a $12 Million Deal

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Following on from the gameplay demonstration of System Shock Remastered, the long-awaited second sequel - System Shock 3 - has found its publisher.

System Shock 3 studio announces a dream team of developers

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The announcement of System Shock 3 was cause enough for excitement, never mind the involvement of industry legend Warren Spector as creative director and studio manager. Now, Otherside Entertainment has announced more of the development team, featuring veterans of titles including Deus Ex, BioShock, Thief, and the original System Shock.