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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Features

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Interview: We talk to the man holding the keys to a long awaited racing sequel...

Released back in 2006 when this current generation of consoles was still in its infancy, the original Test Drive Unlimited presented a daring attempt to create a massively multiplayer online racing game. With Atari and Eden Games taking the series for another spin in 2011, we sat down with executive producer Vince Farquarhason to find out what to expect from Test Drive...

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Interview: Strategy Informer talks about Test Drive Unlimited 2 with Eden Studios' Alain Jarniou.

Strategy Informer: The first thing we want to know is, what was the main focus when starting work on the sequel, and what aspect of the last game needed the biggest improvement?Alain Jarniou: The first thing was to work on the community of Test Drive, when you are playing. So, a better world for meeting people, because it's very...

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Preview: We take to the roads of Ibiza in search of racing fame and fortune.

2006’s Test Drive Unlimited was a well-received attempt at creating a massively multiplayer online racer. But it was hampered by a wafer-thin story, lack of structure and some clunky online mechanics. Test Drive Unlimited 2 looks to rectify these problems whilst expanding on what made its predecessor unique. Atari and Eden Games let us get behind the wheel and check out...

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Preview: Test Drive starts the summer with a bang. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

The rags-to-riches story is often overplayed, but the world of Test Drive Unlimited 2 doesn't need to give the player much more information. You know you're starting out small and hoping to cruise amongst the elite, and that's all there is to it. The most prominent improvement allows players to get hands-on with the cars and environment; all in the company of friends.<table...