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The Agency canceled

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Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that The Agency has been canceled, after reports yesterday of the closure of some of their developers, including SOE Seattle.

Sony Online closes studios, The Agency developer affected too

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Bad news for the Sony Online Entertainment family as they've decided to close some of their studios confirms George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms.

The Agency was being developed by SOE Seattle and they too are for the chop, so what of the MMO? In January SOE said "late this year" it should launch.

PlanetSide Next "late first-quarter, early second-quarter" 2012

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Sony Online Entertainment's got three MMOs in the works and PlanetSide Next (a codename) is due out Q1/2 this year reveals boss John Smedley.

The Agency, a modern-day spy shooter, is still on track for "late this year," which has a "slightly smaller" team than DC Universe. Then there's Free Realms...

Sony Online's The Agency MMO now due second half of 2011

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Spy-themed MMO The Agency for PC and PS3 from Sony Online Entertainment will be releasing in either Q3 or Q4 of next year according to reports.

It was unveiled back in 2007 but has missed a number of release dates, with SOE boss John Smedley noting it "needed a lot of work". Will it make it?