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US PlayStation Store with NBA 2K12 and Burnout Crash! demo

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This week on the New World's PlayStation Store update are demos for NBA 2K12 and Criterion's Burnout Crash!, which also releases as a digital title.

Resident Evil 4 and Saints Row 2 join the PSN catalogue, and Fallout: New Vegas receives it's Lonesome Road DLC, as does Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

EU PlayStation Store weekly update sizzles with The Baconing

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This week's European update to the PlayStation Store heralds the return of DeathSpank in The Baconing from Hothead Games, plus Bodycount gets a demo.

The Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is up and running too as it ends Plus exclusivity. THQ's Warhammer 40k: Space Marine - Elite Pass is now on sale.

XBLA The Baconing August 31st

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Prepare for sizzling DeathSpank action from Hothead Games and game veteran Ron Gilbert as The Baconing releases on Xbox Live Arcade August 31st.

That's the day after it hits the PlayStation Store frying pan. What happens when DeathSpank tries on all six of those power-imbued thongs at once?

Sony announces PSN Play

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Sony has instituted its own version of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade with the unimaginatively titled "PlayStation Network Play". As with Microsoft's promotion, Sony will offer a game a week on every Wednesday for the next month, and buying all four titles grants a fifth free title.

The Baconing announced

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Hothead Games has announced The Baconing, and no, it has nothing to do with a certain redheaded actor from Footloose.

Rather, it's the sequel to the funny action-RPG, Deathspank, as the titular character has gotten bored, and needs a challenge.