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The Council - Episode 1: The Mad Ones Review.

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The Council's Episode 5 Release Date Announced, Wrapping up the Story

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The obscure, yet phenomenal narratively-focused episodic RPG is just about ready to wrap up its intricate story with a staggering season finale.

The Council shows off its accolades in new trailer

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Focus Interactive's excellent Telltale-style adventure has had a lot of praise - including from us.

Episodic RPG The Council Rethinks Narrative Adventure

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Meet great figures of history in this narrative RPG game.

The Council is an episodic narrative adventure with a twist that's coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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The Council is an episodic narrative adventure game by Focus Home Interactive and Big Bad Wolf, which will be released in February for the PC and consoles.

The first episode, The Mad Ones, starts the tale of a classic murder mystery with a full cast of alluring characters that are each hiding their own dark secrets. Think cluedo the video game with lots of extravagant dinner parties and some pretty famous historical figures.

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