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Preview: Shinji Mikami's latest creation takes survival horror back to the old school.

Some of my fondest gaming memories involve Shinji Mikami's work. He's best known for creating the Resident Evil series, but his shadow has loomed large over every survival horror game since the series began in 1994. With that franchise largely abandoning claustrophobia, limited resources and dread in favour of bullet-spewing action movie excess, however, it's been a while since...

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Preview: Does Mikami's latest manage some zombie steps out of the shadow of Resident Evil?

I’ve always had an up-and-down relationship with the survival horror genre. When the genre was enjoying the peak of its popularity with the PS1 and PS2 Resident Evil titles, I’d dip in and out - I remember playing the second Resi but not the first, and then I skipped over a number before settling on the Gamecube remakes and original titles. With most of my best...

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Preview: Halloween 2014's Tricks & Treats.

Screw Christmas: Halloween is the best holiday. I just wish we actually got time off for it. Nevertheless it’s a holiday devoted entirely to ghosts, monsters, scares, tricks, and candy, and I think we all can get behind that. Many publishers and developers consider the Horror Holiday the perfect time of...