The Journey Down: Chapter Two Summary


The Journey Down: Chapter Two Review

Living African masks attached to claymation bodies? No, it's not Chris Capel's worst nightmare.

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We're Giving Away 10 Copies of The Journey Down - And It Couldn't Be Easier To Enter!

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The final chapter of adventure game series The Journey Down has just arrived, and we've teamed up with the developer to give away the first game COMPLETELY FOR FREE to 10 lucky winners!

The third chapter to The Journey Down achieves Kickstarter goal, first two stretch goals

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Indie developer SkyGoblin released the critically acclaimed first two chapters of their "Afro-noir" point-and-click adventure The Journey Down in 2012 and 2014, and now thanks to a successful Kickstarter, they will be releasing Chapter Three in 2016. They have also reached their first and second stretch goals.

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