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Garrett the Master Thief returns, and Chris Capel is the Thief Judger General..

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New Thief update aims to improve AMD Mantle support

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Eidos has put out a new patch for Thief that aims to improve the game's AMD Mantle support. That's the only change listed in the patch log, which is a little odd. Those experiencing audio bugs or save game issues will have to wait a little longer.

On the off chance this patch breaks more than it fixes, Eidos has also worked out a way to let you easily roll back the 1.6 game version to the previous 1.5 patch.

Square Enix raise fiscal projections thanks to Thief and Tomb Raider sales

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While there hasn't been an official report yet, Square Enix has revised up their net sale projection for the fiscal year now passed. It has exceeded their initial expectations, thanks to stronger sales filling coffers.

Strong sales in particular from Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the MMO 'rebooted'. What helped too was "favorable sales" from Tomb Raider and Thief.

Square Enix run Easter sale over weekend, Steam titles with 50% off

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Publisher Square Enix is discounting a number of PC titles with Steam keys through their digital storefront this weekend in celebration of the Easter holiday. A bunch get their price tags halved, including Thief.

There's also Tomb Raider GOTY edition, The Last Remnant, Final Fantasy VIII, Hitman: Absolution and even Urban Chaos. Each use Steamworks to deliver the goods.

Thief apparently stealing save game files, Square Enix on the case

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Owners of the recently released Thief are apparently at risk of having their save game files disappear or become corrupted, according to several complaints from users on both PC and console versions. Square Enix are currently investigating the issue.

Eidos Montreal release Thief's PC Mantle update tomorrow, March 18th

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The PC version of Thief is due its AMD Mantle support update tomorrow from Eidos Montreal, which lets the game use more of the hardware's power bypassing Microsoft's DirectX API should their GPU support it.

So far Mantle has been seen in action with DICE's Battlefield 4, although it's a mixed bag right now. Mantle should theoretically let games enjoy a lot more GPU juice.

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