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Interview: Chris Capel chats with producer Stephane Roy regarding zombies, Christopher Nolan, curses and taffers.

After checking out the gameplay demo of Thief, which you can read my thoughts on elsewhere on Strategy Informer, I was mightily impressed but had plenty of lingering questions. Fortunately afterwards I had a chance to talk with the game’s producer Stephane Roy of Eidos Montreal and put those questions to him. If he didn’t know I was a hardcore fan of the series beforehand he certainly did by the...

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Preview: Chris Capel dresses in black and goes out into the city at night to steal. And has a long play of Thief.

It’s not too much of an understatement to say that many people are very sceptical about Eidos Montreal’s reboot of Thief. In fact a lot of gamers are downright hostile towards it. The reasons for this are numerous, but suffice to say: they haven’t liked what they’ve seen. Whether it’s the mentions of linear maps, action-based quick-time events, on-rails escapes, brainless AI, a...

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Preview: Chris Capel checks out next gen's ultimate sneak-em-up, the dirty taffer.

Despite calling the Thief titles my favourite gaming series, I honestly believed that Thief 4 (from Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal) was going to be cancelled. It had to be next-gen at this point which would increase the costs, and historically despite being brilliant the series had a very niche appeal – a pure stealth game set in a medieval...