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Contributing To A 3% Decline In Q3 Earnings, EA Is Still Happy With How Titanfall 2 Performed

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With revenue reports coming from big-name publishers the world over, EA has apparently spoken about Titanfall 2 - last year's 'sleeper hit' FPS title. It did well, but was still 'below expectations'.

Is Titanfall 3 actually happening?

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Titanfall 2 will no longer be supported after Ultimate Edition, Respawn "heavily invested" in franchise

Titanfall 2 Lands On EA's Origin Access Program Tomorrow With All Of Its Non-Cosmetic DLC Included

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Titanfall 2 launched in a sorry state. Usually reserved for games that launch full of critical bugs and missing features, Respawn Entertainment's sequel was a different story; it was excellent - but it released during a very crowded holiday period.

Respawn Entertainment On The Future Of Titanfall

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Despite its somewhat rocky launch, Respawn Entertainment is content with how Titanfall 2 is progressing as it ages and matures.

Titanfall 2's 'Live Fire' Update Finally Gets A Release Date Alongside Some Titan Balancing

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Ever keeping the fans of their toes, Respawn Entertainment has finally unearthed the release date for the long-awaited 'Live Fire' update to Titanfall 2.

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