Tom Clancy's The Division Features

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Interview: What's Ubisoft's open-world spy thriller The Division all about? Nick Horth heads into the urban wasteland in search of answers..

We've seen a surge in persistent-world games recently, with Destiny, The Crew and Dead Island 2 all blending singeplayer action with massively multiplayer online elements. Another title taking a similar approach is Ubisoft Massive's open world spy thriller Tom Clancy's The Division. I managed to track down art director Rodrigo Cortes at EGX last week to get the latest...

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Preview: Manhattan is locked down. So was this beta.

The Division launches this March and after spending time with the beta, it’s difficult to determine what Ubisoft is offering. There was only one story mission, a handful of side missions, and many other elements were locked. Grasping how you transition from story mission to story mission isn’t clear and there is no indication what the end game could be. Manhattan looked oppressed from the disease but it seems...