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Tom Clancy's The Division Latest News

It Looks Like 'Prey' Developer Arkane Are Gearing Up To Compete With Destiny And Anthem

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Judging from a recent job opportunity listing, there's every chance Arkane studios could be the next big-name developer to abandon single-player narratives.

The Division Gets New 'Classified Gear' Through Patch 1.7

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The long and bumpy road of The Division carries on this month as Update 1.7 reworks the title with 'Classified Gear'.

The Division Gets Its Final Patch Today With The Release Of 'The Last Stand'

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Reaffirming the One Year support Ubisoft seem to give to their big AAA releases these days, The Division received its last major update this morning.

Ubisoft's Co-op Shooter 'The Division' Is Free-to-Play All Weekend

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With the start of its big redemption changes slowing coming in, players have begun to flock back to Ubisoft's once-promising online co-op shooter. And for those who still have yet to try the title, The Division is free-to-play all weekend.

The Division's 1.4 Update Sees Players Flock Back To The Troubled Shooter

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When Ubisoft's The Division was originally showed off, it garnered worthwhile attention from both the media and potential players. Its post-apocalyptic environment was immediately more relatable than the decimated world of Bethesda's 'Fallout' series, and with co-op and gunplay playing a major part in the adventure, it unsurprisingly performed well upon release.

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