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Total War: Warhammer Summary


Total War: Warhammer Review

Realm of the Wood Elves DLC Review - King in the Woods!

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Total War: Warhammer Patch Notes - Bretonnia Hotfix

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Slashing sales records at every corner, Creative Assembly haven't been coy to talk about just how surprises they are at the breakout success of Total War: Warhammer. After churning out Total War games for every available world conflict, they never expected their fantasy take on combat would come as far as it has.

Latest Total War: Warhammer Patch Resets Leaderboards While Issuing Balance Changes And Multiple Fixes

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After a few beta branches available through Steam over the last few weeks, Creative Assembly and Sega have issued a patch through the digital platform for the Bretonnia leg of Total War: Warhammer.

Total War: Warhammer Dark Elves - Everything We Know

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With Creative Assembly and Sega now officially working on the sequel to last year's Total War: Warhammer, it's time to oil up the speculation machine to work out just what the fans are hoping for this time around.

There's A New Beta Build Of Total War: Warhammer's 'Bretonnia' Update Up On Steam Right Now

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Waking up today with nothing to do? Whether it's a day off from work, a day for slacking or just a half day that you're cutting off at a quarter before lunch, there's a beta build of Total War: Warhammer waiting whenever you're free.

Here's Everything The Total War Teams Are Currently Working On

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In an effect to better keep its players up to date with the continuously expanding Total War franchise, the teams have begun a collective thread over on the Total War forums to keep players in the loop when it comes to progress with each currently relevant title.

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