Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

EU & US Release date: 27 Jun, 2007
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Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn Summary

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Garriott adds Ultima Online co-developer Starr to work on Shroud of the Avatar

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Richard Garriott aka Lord British, has announced that his studio Portalarium has signed on Starr Long to executive producer. Garriott credits Long with being the father of the modern MMO due to his work on Ultima Online.

Ultima Online server gets rolled back two weeks

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The users on the Atlantic server of Ultima Online have gotten some painful news - their characters will be rolled back to their state on the 5th December due to "corruption" on the server.

Veteran MMO producer Rich Vogel leaves The Old Republic

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Industry site Gamasutra is reporting that Star Wars: The Old Republic executive producer Rich Vogel has left developer BioWare Austin. Vogel, who had worked on various MMOs like Ultima Online, Meridian 59 and Star Wars Galaxies, had been with the developer for seven years.

MMO "in a rut," still "mainly WoW clones," says Diablo co-creator

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Blizzard North co-founder David Brevik, now working on Marvel Universe Online at Gazillion Entertainment, believes the MMO genre in general is a bit stale.

He feels the genre is generally "in a rut," with little exploration beyond 'what's safe'. The MMO game "is a platform," and there's many ways to get people together.

Richard Garriott 'open' to working on Ultima, but EA not interested

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Ultima creator Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, is "open" to collaborating with Electronic Arts on a new Ultima game, but EA isn't "particularly interested" in it.

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