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New batch of indie titles pass the Steam Greenlight

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Valve has revealed the latest batch of indie titles that have been approved by gamers on Steam Greenlight. Some are games that were already released in the past year or two, while others are going into beta testing.

Zombies!!! coming to XBLA soon, for real

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While Zombies!!! was recently released for Windows Phone last year, fans of the popular board game have been patiently waiting for years for the Xbox Live Arcade version; two years ago, it was promised it would be released "soon".

Zombies!!! still planned for Xbox Live Arcade

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We'll forgive you if you've forgotten about the Xbox Live Arcade version of Zombies!!!, because if we're honest we did too.

The previous developer was cut, although now it seems that development is being handled by Babaroga, who just released a version on Windows Phone 7.