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Banished PLUS... Well this is mod which contains many other ideas I saw from other mods and my personal affinity to play. I like to play on hard difficulty small mountain maps, and as you know there is always lack of space for buildings. So let's see what is in this mod: Before I start writing what is in Version 2.2 I need to mention couple things: 1. This is game... You should enjoy and relax playing it, not judge everything you don't agree. 2. Your people in game are BANISHED. Not stupid, not lost not in any specific time. Yes that all in game looks like they are in middle of 13th century... But think again. Would it looks different if you banish today (2014) group of people on some distant place... Some island where only one merchant comes and bring to trade only basic things. So they start with some tools and resources around them (wood, stone, iron...). So don't be so much against idea that they can dig land and build barn which is half in mountain. i said they are not stupid :) Why this text above? Because I saw too many people ready to judge what modders do because they imagine game different. If you don't like someone's idea you can build your own mod, and publish it... I will first come to congratulate you on your work, and I think I'm not alone. So let's see what is in this mod. I won't write what is changed from before I will list all from begging (if I don't forgot something)... Read this below like you read it first time. Forgot whatever you know about this mod from before. 1. BUILDINGS - All default buildings are more suitable for placement. You can now build barn half buried in mountain for example. - Mines and quarries are unlimited and destroyable. You can destroy them and build something else on same spot. No more ugly holes. They also have lesser radius of negative impact (happiness) - Storage barn... larger capacity, can store wood, iron and coal. Slightly more expensive. - Storage yards... Increased capacity and size. As I mention before you can build them on hills like all other buildings. - Trading ports... Increased capacity. - Fishing dock... Increased radius greater yield. - Forester and Gatherer... Increased radius and you can put more workers. - Hunter lodge... Increased radius. More deers can be hunt per season. - Herbalist... Increased radius. - Cutter Yard (Woodcutter)... More workers (up to 3) - Chapel... If you manage to build town with 100.001 citizen... you will need to build one more Chapel for that one citizen. Otherwise you need only one. - Graveyard... Can be bigger than 20x20. - School... Can have up to 32 students and 2 teachers. - Tailor.. You can put 2 workers. - Blacksmith (Tool maker)... Up to 2 workers and can produce Charcoal (coal) from 10 logs. - Stone Houses... Can hold one family of 6 people. - Market... Increased radius and capacity. 2. NATURE - Trees (Forest, Oak and Pine) live longer, mature faster. - Deer population is increased. No fear that your people will hunt all of them to extinction. - Mushrooms are also protein not only vegetable. - Berries give greater yield. No fear to brew some ale from them. 3. RESOURCES - Wood, Stone, Iron, Leather, Fish all give bigger Yield if your people is educated. - Crop Fields, Orchards and Pastures can be larger and have more workers. Do not overestimate your workers if you build too big field or orchard your workers won't be able to harvest all crops before temperature drop below zero. Don't blame me for your greed. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT about fields. I read that some people have "bug" that only one worker work on field even if you put there 30 of them. I tried, tested, tested on other computer, tested with friends. NOT even one time we manage to produce that "bug". So if you have that bug... better ask yourself... "Do I fell lucky?". CHECK your other mods, check your game installation, check everything on your side before you start blaming modders. 4. CITIZENS - They are Faster, Stronger, they age 1 year per 1 calendar year (except in Banished PLUS Turbo version where that is 2.5 years for 1 calendar year). - Kids are kids till age of 9. If you have School WITH teacher in it they become students. - If you didn't build school or school is empty by any reason (death of teacher) kids will become uneducated laborers at age of 9 and same rule is applied for students. - When someone become laborer (at age of 9 or age of 13 after finished school) he will try to move to empty house nearest to his work. Until age of 16 he can't be married so she/he will live alone in that house. He/She will also live alone if he/she can't find partner of opposite gender. They can have child after age of 17 till age of 46. Female citizens CAN have child after 17 even if they live alone (ask neighbor for help). Well that will be all if I didn't forgot something. But if I did forgot it that couldn't be so important :) Now to mention something about compatibility... Game will warn you about conflict with some mods (like CC Maple Harpoon) but you can use both without fear. They will work together you just need to decide load order in mod section. That's all for now... have fun and enjoy.

Credits: Zen Industries aka Zenchina

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