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Titled 'Dharma', this expansion pack will - obviously - focus on the riches and intrigues of Indian politics, which are a bit of a rare feature in video games.

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FireFly Studios have released their latest iteration of the ancient Stronghold series on Microsoft Store, but there's word of something bigger coming our way soon, too...

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Fredrik Wester, the sitting CEO of Paradox Interactive, has very conspicuously hinted at the eventual development of a successor to Crusader Kings 2.

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The upcoming prequel campaign pack for Total War: Rome II, Rise of the Republic, promises to bring with it one of the most epic stories ever to happen in history.

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Even though the hype for Bannerlord has died down almost completely by now, the game is coming, and we've got new information on what it will and what it will not be.

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All the details on E3 2018, including date, schedule, games, conference times, predictions and more!

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Paradox Interactive has teamed up with Dziobak LARP Studios to host the second Europa Universalis IV Grandest LAN Event, which will be taking place on 7th - 11th November at the Moszna Casle in Poland.

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A new full title from Paradox Development Studio, and one from Triumph Studios.

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Pestilence is an alchemy-focused side quest in Kingdom Come that has Henry curing a rampant disease - perfectly normal for the son of some blacksmith, right?

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Like all good open world games, Kingdom Come has its share of bugs. One of these get you stuck in doorways even if the door is open - here are some ways of unsticking yourself.