Download [RDDev] TrueLight 1.2 SE v1.2.08

Note: This Works 100% With CM Patch Note:This is a no tool ver its a fixed ver Fixed Tings in update v1.2.06-->> Colour, Lights are don, Blurlengt, Replays, and no blur ver, Inpoved Bloom, v1.2.07-->> Included a brighter ver v1.2.08 Effects fix Rain looks normel with this fix on my pc

Credits: RDDEV F1 MODDING GROUP --------------------------- 1nkz - beezley - daftboy - R34P3R - Hami - rfactorbrteam - Dutch_Can looneycooney - luhkoala - Holli - delpinsky - Gl4dia70r - celix - Gopher04

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RDDev_Trueligth_v1.2.08.rar 53 03 Nov 2010