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This May Be Our First Look at the New Vampire The Masquerade Game

The supposed Vampire The Masquerade ARG being run through the Tender dating site is having a big closed event in New York on February - and has just revealed the first look at the game.

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Batman Arkham Studio Rocksteady Staffing Up for New Game Reveal

The creators of the Batman Arkham series are hiring for a new Rocksteady game reveal soon, but when will it arrive?

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Far Cry New Dawn MP3 Music Player Locations Guide

If you're trying to get a bit of a music library as part of your New Dawn experience, we've got just the right thing for you.

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Far Cry New Dawn - How to Upgrade Companions?

Would you like for your companions to have access to a larger selection of skills? Here's how.

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Far Cry New Dawn Timber - How to Get the Dog Ally?

Would you like to save a dog from getting cooked and eaten? Of course you would!

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Radio Commander is an RTS Where You Control Your Troops via Radio Only

The game aims to deliver a more authentic Vietnam-era RTS experience.

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Far Cry New Dawn Riddle Me Fish - How to Solve the Singing Fish Puzzle

This is how you solve the singing fish puzzle in Far Cry New Dawn.

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Far Cry New Dawn The Prophecy Puzzle - How Can It Be Solved?

Stuck on how to get through the trippy Prophecy quest? Here's a spoiler-free guide.

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Far Cry New Dawn Sharpshooter Ally - How to Get Nana

Need a sniper at your side? Look no further.

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Far Cry New Dawn Helicopter - How to Unlock Helicopters?

Here's how to go places in New Dawn.